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Hair Bonding

Provides a long-term solution. Though time-consuming, this procedure gives amazing results …used by women for additional length & volume in their natural hair. Usually used to plait, and decorate with flowers. Our wide range of easy to wear, 100& Natural Human Hair Extensions for Women includes Natural Black, Blonde, Dual-shade, Silky Hair, Multi-Color (Rainbow set), Wavy, Multiple-Clip Set, Single Piece Broad Hair Extension, and so n….Accessories were also available with us such as Hair Straightener, Flat brush, Soft-tipped Bristle Brush, Narrow comb, Broad-Tooth Comb, Tail Comb, etc.

There are various glues from which you can choose to stick your hair system on the scalp. The most famous and effective glue is ultra hold adhesive as it provides a very strong bond which can last up to a few months. They are gentle on the skin and quite easy to apply.

All you have to do is apply a thin coat of glue on the scalp and put the hair system afterward. If you use a hair system with lace, we recommend adhesive for attaching your system. Hair tape lasts up to 3 to 4 weeks after its attachment while clips only for a day or two unlike hair glue, therefore for hair patch glue is the best method.

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